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Texas Liberators - Raymond Watson (April 5, 2012)

Baylor University Institute for Oral History
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0:00 - Family background and childhood in Benbrook and Fort Worth, Texas 3:08 - Education at North Texas Agricultural College and Texas A&M University 5:45 - Attending Officer Training School and studying chemical engineering at Texas A&M 12:30 - Account of time in South Hampton in England 17:36 - Welcome and participation in Eighty-Seventh Chemical Mortar Battalion, Company C 20:41 - Surviving the cold and importance of taking care of soldiers' feet 22:03 - Description of being on a mortar team 37:40 - Account of the Third platoon moving into Leipzig 41:06 - Account of Buchenwald concentration camp 45:25 - Description of the camp and German townspeople readying bodies for burial 46:36 - On the effect of seeing the camp and the experience of war 50:54 - On hearing about the German surrender and meeting the Russian army 53:57 - Preparing for the invasion of Japan and receiving news of Japan's surrender 56:34 - Returning to the States through France and England to the Queen Mary 57:59 - Time at Fort Benning and marriage following the end of the war 59:19 - Returning to Texas A&M University 61:29 - Career and being elected Young Man of the Year in Illinois in 1959 65:57 - On the experience of military service