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Texas Liberators - John Valls (March 2, 2012)

Baylor University Institute for Oral History
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0:27 - Family onion farm in Mexico; family history before his birth 4:25 - Memories of growing up in Loredo, Texas; and family history 23:56 - Texas track and field competition at high school and college level, Valls and family members 31:18 - Various military assignments, including Central State Teachers College in Stephens Point, Wisconsin 34:59 - Memories of military training and competitive running in England 40:43 - Assignment in Le Havre, France; and General Patton’s motto, “Kill or be killed" 42:03 - Memories of wartime conditions 53:53 - Valls accepting surrender of General Model and driving German jeep 55:27 - Memories of Germany near the end of the war 61:24 - Being recognized by a survivor after the war; and discovering the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp as a soldier 67:44 - Further thoughts about and memories of the war 72:23 - Death of brother Louis Valls 77:23 - Meeting his wife after the war 80:50 - Running track at the collegiate level at Baylor; coaching in Laredo; and playing basketball 97:53 - Memories of Baylor teachers 102:50 - Living in Savannah, Georgia, with his wife and new baby; finding work; running again for Baylor 108:13 - Hobbies